This Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy Terms of Service (“Paid Fantasy TOS”) sets forth terms and  conditions, hand in hand with that  the Athstat Privacy Policy and Athstat Responsible Gaming policy,  that govern your access to and use of the Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy services (“Athstat  Gaming Paid Fantasy” or the “Services”) and your participation in the contests offered therein  (each, a “Contest”). Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy services currently include Athstat Gaming  Daily Fantasy (DFS). This DFS game includes both a paid service as well as a free service.  Athstat Gaming is wholly owned by Athstat LLC, a Commonwealth of Virginia Limited Liability  Company (LLC). 

This Paid Fantasy TOS and the TOS, together with any additional terms, addendums, or  documents that may be referenced herein and therein (collectively, “Agreement”), form the  entire agreement between you and Athstat LLC and its affiliates (collectively, “Athstat”) in  connection with the Services. Your use, or continued use of the Services constitutes acceptance  of the Agreement. Do not use the Services if you do not wish to be bound by the Agreement.  Athstat may update and change this Agreement at any time without notice to you; your access  to and/or use of the Services after any such change means you accept such change. At any  time you can review the most current version of the Paid Fantasy TOS at by accessing the app,  currently located in the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. 

Capitalized terms not defined in this Paid Fantasy TOS have the meanings ascribed to them in  the TOS. Certain defined terms in this Paid Fantasy TOS are included in the definitions of  capitalized terms in the TOS. In particular, Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy is a “ Service”;  accordingly, all references in the TOS to Service incorporate by reference Athstat Gaming Paid  Fantasy. If there is a conflict between the terms of the Paid Fantasy TOS and the TOS, the  terms of the Paid Fantasy TOS shall control. The imposition of additional enumerated  restrictions or liabilities on your actions or omissions, by one document over the other, shall not  be considered in and of itself a conflict. 


The Contests are void where prohibited. To be eligible to enter any paid Contest, you must meet  all of the following conditions: 

You are at least 18 years of age (19 if located in AL or NE, or 21 if located in AZ or MA); 

You are physically located in the following regions within the United States at the time of contest  entry: the District of Columbia, and the following States: Alaska, Arkansas, California, District of  Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota,  North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma,  Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, West Virginia, 

Wyoming. collectively, the “Eligibility Area” 

You are physically located in the Eligibility Area at the time of your entry into a Contest; and You are not listed on any US Government prohibited or watch list. 

You may also be required to sign and return an Affidavit of Eligibility as proof of your eligibility to  participate in the Contests. You will be required to provide this information within ten (10) days  after Athstat first attempts to contact you. If you fail to comply with this deadline, Athstat may  disqualify you from further participation, and withhold or revoke any prizes at its sole discretion.  If Athstat chooses to disqualify you on this basis, it will refund the Contest entry fee for the  Contest from which you were disqualified. 

Athstat may, at its sole discretion, restrict or limit users from entering certain contests based on  their contest play history and results. 

Employees and agents of Athstat, its corporate affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and  promotional agencies, any other prize sponsor and any entity involved in the development, production, implementation, administration or fulfillment of the Contests (all the foregoing,  together with Athstat, collectively referred to as “Contest Entities”), and the immediate family  members and persons living in the same household as any of the above may not participate in  any publicly available paid Contests or free Contests with cash or cash equivalent prizes except  for purposes of testing the user experience on a limited basis. Participation in free Contests with  no prizes and private paid Contests is permitted. 

Athletes, coaches, and other team management, team support personnel, and team owners are  not eligible for any Athstat Contests in the sport or sports in which their team competes. Team  owners, referees, league employees, sports commissioners, sports agents and other individuals  who, through an ownership interest or game-related employment, can influence gameplay in the  real world game are also ineligible. 


A valid Athstat ID (also known as a User ID) is required to participate in Athstat Gaming Paid  Fantasy. If you do not have an Athstat ID, you will be prompted to sign up for one before being  permitted to enter or participate in a Contest offered on the Service. Please ensure that your  contact information is accurate, up-to-date, and complete, including a valid email address. This  information is mandatory if you wish to be eligible to win and collect prizes. A user who has not  provided valid registration information will automatically be deemed ineligible and will not be  considered for a prize. A valid PayPal Bank / ACH account or credit card is also required to add  funds to your Athstat Fantasy Sports account and to receive and collect a prize. A valid PayPal,  ACH account or credit card may only be associated with a single Athstat ID. 

Please note that Contests may only be played under the Athstat ID with which they were 

created or entered, and may not be transferred to another Athstat ID or played by another  person. Also, you may not share an account with another person or allow another user to play  under your Athstat ID. Likewise, you may not enter a Contest on behalf of someone without an  Athstat ID, or that is ineligible to participate in the Contest. As a rule, each Contest entrant  ("Entrant") is allowed to play under one Athstat ID. It is at Athstat's sole discretion and judgment  to determine whether multiple Athstat IDs belong to the same Entrant. If you are found to be  participating in the Contests using more than one Athstat ID, such penalties may include, but  are not limited to, disqualification from current and future Contests and forfeiture of Contest  entry fee(s) or potential winnings. 


How To Play: 

Daily Fantasy 

In addition to these rules, additional rules, instructions and guidelines regarding game play and  scoring (which are fully incorporated into this Paid Fantasy TOS by reference) are listed in the  Official Rules section below under “Official Daily Fantasy Rules”. In the event of a conflict  between the Official Daily Fantasy Rules and the Paid Fantasy TOS, the Paid Fantasy TOS will  control.  

Athstat Fantasy Rules 

General Rules: 

1. User must be 18 years of age or older and live in an area where fantasy games are legal  in order to participate in Athstat games. 

2. A user may only create one team per competition, but may sign up for multiple  competitions. Within a competition, user may enter multiple leagues with their team.


Player = User who logs in to create an account and play Athstat Daily Fantasy games Team = Created by the user by picking 5 athletes playing in the real life version of the game Competition = An event created in the Athstat DFS that users can join, usually mapped to a real  life event such as the 2023 Rugby World Cup Championship 

League = a user- or Athstat-managed group of teams that compete against each other within  the overall Competition. The leagues can be paid-to-enter with cash prizes or free to enter with  no cash prices 

In-app-currency = virtual dollars ($) assigned to a player to use in the buying and trading of  athletes on their team. These are freely provided for each competition and a user starts off with  $100 for each competition they enter 

AthCoins = unique Athstat Currency that is purchased using cash. 1 AthCoin = $1USD.  AthCoins are used to enter paid-for leagues that have cash prizes.  

Creating Teams: 

3. Each Team Consists of 5 Athletes. 

4. Users may swap players in and out of their teams at any moment.

5. Athlete Prices will be based on current market values. 

6. Each player starts with an initial amount of $100 (in-app currency) to buy and sell  players. 

7. In-app currency is not able to be purchased using real-world currency.  8. In-app currency is earned/lost based on a user's trading decisions. 

Joining Leagues: 

9. Once a user has created a team, they can join a league. 

10. There are two types of leagues: 

a. Athstat Leagues - 

i. Cost- Athstat Leagues can be free or paid. For paid leagues, users will  enter a league with AthCoins (See XX. Cost of Athcoins). The amount of  AthCoins it will take to join a league will vary from league to league,  

however, the cost (in AthCoins) will be listed before a user can register for  a league.  

ii. Duration - Athstat leagues will take place over either 2 Weeks, 1 Month or  a Sports Season. At the end of which a prize of real-world currency will be  awarded (see iv. Prizes) 

iii. Prizes - Real-word currency prize that will be announced to all users  before they are allowed to register. (see 18. Prizes) 

b. User Leagues - 

i. Cost- Always Free to enter 

ii. Duration - Season. 

iii. Prizes - None.  

11. Upon joining Athstat Games, a user automatically receives 1 AthCoin that can be used  to join an Athstat backed paid league for a chance to win Prizes (see #19-20).. A User  may create leagues for other users to join. User created leagues are free and do not  cost any AthCoins.  

12. A user-based league does not have any prize pool. 

13. When a User joins a league. Their initial score is zero. 

14. The user’s score will be updated as the Teams Value changes, and will be calculated as  the difference between the initial entry team value and the current team value.  15. The difference between the initial entry team value and the current team value, is what  will determine whether or not they have won the league. See item 17 for how points are  awarded. 

16. The 1st place winner of the league will win the entirety of the cash price. If there is a tie  for first, the cash prize will be split equally.  


17. A users value will be changed as follows:

Item Action fantasy_value

Scored points
Pass - Try assist
Line breaks
Defenders beaten
Carries - From support (after an offload/break)
Carries - Crossing gain line
Runs – Total
Passes - Offload (pass when tackled)
Tackles - Made
Kicks - charged down
Passes - Total
Turnovers - Won by player
Carries - Metres won
Minutes Played- Total
Free Kicks Conceded - Total
Dropped Catch
Penalties - Missed
Turnovers - Total conceded
Tackles - Missed
Conversions - Missed
Yellow cards
Red cards

18. An Athstat analysis model automatically creates and updates user’s points. This model  is proprietary - no user may access the code, infrastructure or raw output from the model  at any time. 


19. Athstat will announce prizes for each league at least 24 hours prior to the league starting 20. For Athstat-created paid leagues, the top user of each league will be deemed the winner  of the league. In order to receive their prize the following must occur: 

a. The winner of the prize shall be notified by email within 5 business days of the  conclusion of the league and, in each case, provided details of how to claim their  prize.  

b. Winners must be 18+ years of age and live in an area where fantasy games are  legal. We reserve the right to ask for identification to verify this information.  c. If a winner does not respond to Athstat within 14 days of being notified of their  win. Athstat reserves the right to offer the prize to the user with the second 

highest score. This user again will be notified by email, and will be given details  of how to claim their prize. 

d. If a winner declines the prize, or the winner is invalid or in breach of Athstat’s  Rules and End User Licensing Agreement, that winner’s prize will be forfeited. In  this case, Athstat reserves the right to offer the prize to the user with the second  highest score. 

e. Once the winner of the prize has been selected, proof that a valid winner was  awarded a prize can be obtained by sending an email to 


All prizes offered are established and made known to Contest entrants in advance of each  Contest and are listed on each respective Contest page. Shortly following the conclusion of  each Contest, Athstat Gaming will display the list of potential Contest winners (subject to  verification). These Contest results will not be changed due to any subsequent official  adjustments of statistics by Athstat’s data providers unless otherwise determined by Athstat at  its sole discretion. In the event of a tie, Athstat will combine the winning prizes and evenly  distribute the prizes to the tied entrants. For example, if three participants tie for 1st place, with  1st place winning $100, 2nd place winning $50, and 3rd place winning $30, each of the tied  entrants will receive $60. Winners will be contacted via email by Athstat Gaming personnel,  using the email address provided in the app. Athstat personnel will connect secure banking  and/or PayPal information and distribute prize money within 3 business days. 

All potential winners are subject to verification by Athstat, and must meet all eligibility  requirements before a prize will be awarded.  

Prizes may not be transferred or assigned except by Athstat. Only listed prizes will be awarded  and no substitutions, equivalents or redemptions will be made. Expenses not specifically stated  in this Paid Fantasy TOS, together with the reporting and payment of all applicable taxes, fees,  and/or surcharges, if any, arising out of, or resulting from, acceptance or use of a prize, are the  sole responsibility of the winner of that prize. A potential winner may be required to provide  

additional documentation (such as social security number) in order to comply with tax and other  legal reporting requirements. Each winner may receive an IRS Form 1099 for the value of the  prize awarded. As required by law in certain jurisdictions, Athstat may withhold verified prize  winnings from entrants with delinquent child support obligations. Contest Entities expressly  disclaim any responsibility or liability for injury or loss to any person or property relating to the  delivery and/or subsequent use of the prizes awarded. Contest Entities make no  representations or warranties concerning the appearance, safety, or performance of any prize  awarded. Any unclaimed prizes will not be awarded. Restrictions, conditions, and limitations  apply. Contest Entities will not replace any lost or stolen prize items. 

Accessing Funds:

Cash deposits for entry fees and cash prize winnings are held by Athstat in one or more  separate, segregated accounts (each, a "Segregated Account"). The funds held in the  Segregated Account(s) do not belong to Athstat or the Contest Entities and it is our intention  and practice to take all reasonable actions to make sure that such funds are not available to  creditors of Athstat other than to players whose funds are held in the Segregated Account.  Athstat and the Contest Entities do not and will not commingle the funds in the Segregated  Account with any other funds belonging to Athstat or the Contest Entities. Athstat and the  Contest Entities do not and will not use the funds in the Segregated Account for its operating  expenses or any other purpose. If you believe that funds in your Athstat Fantasy Sports account  have been misallocated, compromised or otherwise mishandled, you may contact us online  using the "Contact us" link in the footers of Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy websites, the “Help”  section of the Athstat Fantasy app or the Contact Us links below. 

Entrants may access cash prize winnings and any cash deposits for entry fees (excluding  bonuses and promotions) from their Athstat Fantasy Sports account once funds have settled.  Requests for access to funds will be honored by the later of five business days of the request or  ten business days of the submission of any tax reporting documentation required by applicable  law, unless Athstat believes in good faith that the Entrant engaged in fraudulent conduct or  other conduct that would cause Athstat to be in violation of applicable law. Available funds will  be credited directly into the Entrant's PayPal account, or such other means as Athstat  determines in its sole discretion. Please review the PayPal User Agreement for more  information. 

Bonuses and promotions may be offered by Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy from time-to-time.  Any cash bonuses and promotions an entrant receives may not be available to access from  your Athstat Fantasy Sports account unless certain conditions are met as stated by the terms  for each applicable bonus, or promotion. These terms may include, but are not limited to, using  the bonus to enter into at least one Contest with an entry fee greater than zero dollars. Any  attempted abuse of bonuses is prohibited, and may result in the loss of bonuses, and the  suspension of all playing privileges on Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy. 

Accounts may be deemed dormant or inactive for the amount of time specified by applicable  state law, usually between thirty-six (36) and sixty (60) months. Once an account is classified  as dormant, any remaining funds held in the account will be handled in accordance with  applicable state laws to remit abandoned funds to the appropriate state agency as unclaimed  property. 

Cancellation Policy: 

If any Contest is not capable of running as planned, for any reason including infection by  computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any  other causes beyond the control of Contest Entities which corrupt or affect the administration,  security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of any Contest, Athstat reserves the right at its  sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend a Contest without any further obligation.

In the event Athstat is prevented from continuing with a Contest or the integrity and/or feasibility  of a Contest is severely undermined by any event beyond the control of Athstat, including but  not limited to fire, flood, epidemic, earthquake, explosion, labor dispute or strike, act of God or  public enemy, satellite or equipment failure, riot or civil disturbance, war (declared or  undeclared), terrorist threat or activity, or any federal, state or local government law, order, or  regulation, order of any court or jurisdiction, infection by computer virus, unauthorized  intervention, technical failures or other cause not reasonably within the control of Athstat (each  a “Force Majeure” event or occurrence), Athstat reserves the right at its sole discretion to  cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend a Contest without any further obligation. 

Player Identification: 

Athstat reserves the right to identify and label players who meet certain criteria (including but  not limited to frequency of play, frequency of wins) in a manner visible to other players. Such  criteria and labels will be determined by Athstat in its sole discretion and may be changed or  modified at any time, with or without notice, by Athstat. 


By accessing and using Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy and entering the Contests, entrants agree  to be bound by the decisions of the Contest Entities, which are final and binding in all respects.  Athstat reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any individual it finds to be (a)  tampering or attempting to tamper with the entry process or the operation of Athstat Gaming  Paid Fantasy, any Contest, or any Athstat website; (b) violating the Official Daily Fantasy Rules,  the Official Best Ball Rules, the Official Public Prize League Rules, this Paid Fantasy TOS, or  any other guidelines, rules, or instructions associated with Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy or the  Contests; (c) violating the TOS, conditions of use and/or general rules or guidelines of any other  Services; or (d) acting in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with intent to annoy,  abuse, threaten or harass any other person. 

Actions deemed as improper conduct include, but are not limited to, those actions outlined in the  “Member Conduct” section of the TOS, as well as the following: 

● Providing false information about your eligibility to enter Contests and collect  prizes 

● Using any fraudulent, or unauthorized credit cards, or payment methods ● Using any automated services or routines including, but not limited to, robots,  web crawlers, spiders, ants, and scrapers to access and/or collect information on  any Athstat site without explicit written consent from Athstat; this includes  uploading, editing or otherwise modifying lineups using any automated scripts or  tools or otherwise interacting with Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy using methods  or technology other than the Athstat-provided interface and technology 

● Attempting to abuse, as determined solely at Athstat’s discretion, bonuses and  promotions

● Attempting to tamper with, or alter a real-life sporting event that is directly  connected with the Contests in which you have direct involvement or interest ● Sharing your lineup with other individual(s) prior to a contest starting, including  for purposes of engaging in syndicate play or otherwise attempting to collude  with other players 

● Selling any stakes in your own play, buying stakes in other players, or other  means of redistributing entry fees or winnings based on pre-existing agreements  or relationships with other players 

● Buying or selling lineups to be used on Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy. If you engage in conduct that Athstat determines, in its sole discretion, is harmful or detrimental  to other Contest entrants or is unfair, fraudulent or otherwise negatively impacts Athstat Gaming  Paid Fantasy or if you create a Athstat ID, nickname, or Contest name that Athstat deems, in its  sole discretion, to be abusive, defamatory, harassing, hateful, indecent, objectionable, offensive,  or vulgar, we reserve the right to cancel any Contests you created, cancel any of your Contest  entries, refuse to award prizes, limit your participation in Contests, and block your Athstat  Fantasy Sports account from any future activity. 

If you, as an Entrant, notice any improper conduct, please notify our Customer Care team at at once so that we can investigate and take the appropriate action – if any  is deemed necessary – against the offending entrants and accounts. 

Please note that a violation of this Paid Fantasy TOS, DFS rules, conditions of use, and/or the  general guidelines of any Service may be enforced against all other activities associated with  the offending Athstat ID. If your Athstat ID is found to be in violation of the terms of service or  official rules of another Service, that violation is grounds for Athstat to suspend or terminate  your access to all products or Services played under your Athstat ID - including Athstat Gaming  Paid Fantasy. Your Contest entry fee(s) or potential winnings may be forfeited if Athstat cancels  any Contests you created, cancels any of your Contest entries, or blocks your Athstat Fantasy  Sports account from any future activity as result of your violation of the Agreement. 



The Contests are governed by the laws of the United States, without regard to its conflict of laws  principles, and are subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and is  void where prohibited by law. Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy is offered for entertainment  purposes only and may not be used in connection with any form of gambling or wagering. By  entering, each Entrant: (a) releases and holds harmless the Contest Entities, including, without 

limitation, the respective directors, officers, employees and agents of each, from any and all  liability for any injuries, loss or damage of any kind to persons, including death, or property  damage resulting in whole or in party, directly or indirectly, from the use of Athstat Gaming Paid  Fantasy, acceptance, possession, misuse or use of any prize, participation in the Contests, or  while traveling to, preparing for, or participating in any prize-related activity, bankruptcy,  addictive behavior or any other state that causes harm to Entrant; and (b) grants to Contest  Entities the right to use and publish Athstat ID or nickname, city/state of residence, score, and  Contest ranking, in any and all media now known or hereinafter developed without territorial or  time limitations, in connection with the Contests. 


Contest Entities assume no liability for lost, late, misdirected or garbled entries, or for theft,  destruction, or unauthorized access to, entries. Contest Entities assume no responsibility for  any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by website users, by any of the  equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Contest, or by any technical or  human error which may occur in the processing of submissions or game transactions in  connection with the Contest. Contest Entities assume no responsibility for any error, omission,  interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, failures, or technical  malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers, providers,  computer equipment, software, email, players, or browsers, whether on account of technical  problems, traffic congestion on the Internet or at any website, or on account of any combination  of the foregoing, that may occur (including but not limited to any such problems which may  result in the inability to access the Contest site or to process any game transaction(s) in  connection with the Contest). Contest Entities assume no responsibility for any injury or damage  to entrants or to any computer related to or resulting from participating in, or downloading  materials in connection with, Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy or any Contests. If Athstat Gaming  Paid Fantasy or any Contest is not capable of running as planned, for any reason including  infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures,  or any other causes beyond the control of Contest Entities which corrupt or affect the  administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy or  the Contests, Athstat reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify, or  suspend Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy or any Contest. 


By using Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy and by entering the Contests, you agree to  Athstat’s use of your personal information, as described in the Athstat Privacy Policy..  You also agree to the use of your personal information as stated in the section entitled  “Publicity” below and you acknowledge and agree that your account activity and  winnings may be disclosed by Athstat to applicable state or federal entities (e.g.  Secretary of State, Department of Revenue, etc.).


While potential winners may be posted on the Contest site(s) at the conclusion of each  Contest, all potential winners are still subject to verification and must meet all eligibility  requirements before a prize will be awarded. Lists of verified prize winners may be  obtained after winner confirmation is complete and within 90 days after conclusion of any  Contest on Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy by sending a self-addressed, stamped  envelope to: Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy, Winners List Requests, 40736 Chevington  Lane, Leesburg VA 20175. 


Participation in Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy and acceptance of prizes constitutes each  winner’s permission for the Contest Entities to use his/her name, address (city and  state), likeness, photograph, picture, portrait, voice, biographical information, and/or any  statements made by each winner regarding Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy or Athstat for  advertising and promotional purposes without notice or additional compensation, except  where prohibited by law. Additionally, Athstat may request that you sign and return a  publicity release to confirm your grant of rights to Athstat hereunder. 


Athstat Gaming Paid Fantasy and the Contests and all of the related pages, content and  code are generally copyrighted by Athstat LLC and/or the Contest Entities. Copying or  unauthorized use of any copyrighted materials, trademarks, or any other intellectual  property without the express written consent of its owner is strictly prohibited. Athstat  Gaming Paid Fantasy and Contests are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the National  Football League, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League,  Major League Baseball, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, or any of  their respective member teams, the Professional Golfers' Association, PayPal or any  other sports organization, league or entity. 


Athstat may freely assign the Paid Fantasy TOS and all of the policies and other  documents incorporated or referenced in it (including all rights, licenses, and obligations  under it or them), in whole or in part and without notice, for any reason, including for the  purpose of internal restructuring (for example, mergers or liquidations). 


If you can't find the answer to your question in reviewing this TOS, we recommend  reviewing the Help section in the app for additional information.


For further questions regarding our paid fantasy contests, please contract us at: